I have come across so many patterns and stones .

made a lot of friends and lost more .

learnt how not to disturb my fake peace.

made a deal with myself to colour my inner rooms with bright ones.


but still I fail to remove the ripple that comes all over the place when I read your writings and what you see and hear .

people have known as stron adaptive human begins due to our rough conditions we strive to ,and the best out of it mostly people protect their most precious possession which is their sanity for which I salute your courage for cynicism.

The great prison doesn’t lay between walls , it lays in our minds and hearts.

FS to G

Lost and Found


lately i have a lost a good friend of mine,i lost him for jail,because he believed in what he is doing and refused to let go;as a result they have oppressed him and a whole generation with similar ideas.

God,i am only 23 and half of my friends are either dead ,in jail or about to get caught. sadly,this is a non stop operation.

needless to say the amount of stress that flows whenever you are trying to get back to your daily life,missing someone or seeing someone killed with their blood all over your hands. then boom wake the next day to drink juice and run to work as if nothing happened.

we are not a dish washer machine,pressing programs to each occasion,we have feelings that needs time to overcome and reload it with good ones.

there are many things that can help you get back up whenever you seem to begin to be fond of the bottom like:

even if it is just a little scrap paper “remembering a memory”
as it helps you to pour your heart out and express what exactly you are feeling.
it is a non stop fun ,it takes you to places without moving a muscle.also,it helps in changing moods and perspectives.make sure that you are reading in the right topic.
OK,a bit childish but sometimes this is all you need.
the whole deal,bring the pieces together. you fill feel a sense of accomplishment when it is done.

and finally,eat Ice cream.


Pardon me for being blue and all,like i said one needs time and it has been two months already.
I will never stop missing you.

The Blue Piano


Listen to this while reading:

my music flows like water ,killing the silence i once had.

the turbulence’s keep echoing,the strikes of the piano goes deeper dragging a simple smile from my end and a leaving footprints from yours

i watch you disappear with everyday’s paint brush,with the little piece of paper i drew you in; dissolving in the water in me, drowning peacefully while i turn it up high,i strike so hard to make everyone listen that i am not dead anymore,i am here.
it flows mystically,wondering will it ever carry such a lovely memory again.

we flow with the tide for now but only the smart ones knows when to strike it up and go against the flow.

You are the blue in me❤

The Black Widow


The transition of moving someone real and cut it out of paper is a lot easier than trying to do the opposite which is narrow down this character to just few black words.

one should be thankful for the people in his life.

this is one of the blessing that we have as humans that we thank,,.we give love;while we receive hate and heal it

when we oppress those feelings of freedom,union,love and understanding, it is damaging the system;it is dis-balancing all we stood for.

and in one minute we can’t thank anymore nor love because we have been caged

we have been oppressed so we produce a monotony colour

we fail to colour universe,we lost our voices

the number one rule that god created us free and with this freedom we will be asked what did we do in our lives because in the end we are all accountable for us actions, Allah gave us the freedom of will $ expression to test us and no one no matter how strong he is can take that away.

black widow

this mean cheap way of fighting what we believe in is in a way pushing us forward a different direction.

a direction to open up to other options

if you hurt me,why should i keep on going?

if you take away my freedom ,why should i go on?

if you take my friends away,why should i obey?

if you lock me up like a kid at 7 or 9 am,why should i respect you ?


SCAF will be SCAF,so do we.

freedom of expression is a right.

Youth is the country’s plant.

remember…remember….IDEAS ARE BULLET PROOF



 i am the black widow “mourning what is happening in Egypt” August 2013

Workaholic trying to write


well,as you all know i am trying to get back on track and write again,while i am working,and having a political distress.
among all of those stuff a brilliant idea came to me,why not make a 101 writing tips “to make back on track”

so here goes:

Writing tip no.1
Write about something familiar

since one tends to be social oriented and sometimes over friendly with people ,so there are a lot of familiar stuff to talk about like books,bicycles,the cuteness of my cousin’s baby,politics”meh”,and ….of course work.

let’s talk business,i work for the government….clap clap…yes i know i made it while i am still in the twenties;while many of you consider it as a dream job,i don’t

i am just like every other citizen of the universe who hates his job.

we sit in cubicles where there no privacy at all however the good thing is that we can all see each other.

even though ,it is hated.The place is kind pf beginning to grow on me,for example i placed a white fish with red lips called marly on my desk,i cut a DHL poster with a huge orange butterfly and hung it on the glass separating me and my colleague,bought a smiley face mug.

i am the office’s ray of sunshine. but hey is the world too perfect.of course not !!!

our boss is picking on us ,so i went ahead and nicknamed him Caspar,as he loves sneaking up on us while we are working.basically if i would compare our working place to a cartoon movie,i would definitely pick despicable me.

we are the company’s mini-yellow minions ,working so hard,getting excited over nothing,we have the creative ones,the dumb ones who roam around all over the place,the smart ones who own the company’s responsibilities; but again we are all yellow.

come to think of it,i am officially a one year old minion,a workaholic one too.

P.s: my writing sucks maybe i will be getting better by writing tip no.300 or sth !!

so for the sake of understanding how to write again ,i had to look up how our brain functions to the act of writing.

pretty neat huh ?!:)

well,i have decided good or bad writing,i am going to go on writing,maybe a little rusty but it will come around eventually.

It is us against the world not each other


well,this piece comes after a series of failures and escaping and trying to make it sound like nothing has happened,i stopped writing…so what !!

ok,here is why……

lately. Egypt has been going through a series of very weird events

shifting our daily lives along- or more like it- i should be saying ,it is forcing us along by dragging our whole being to a never ending battle with the current events and misfortunes happening

i am now used to waking up to friends immigrating and others don’t care about it anymore going to marina just for the heck of it and people who are shot dead or in the hospital. and in the end ,there is no outcome. no one is caught ,nor takes the responsibility.

see,now you can understand how frustrated i am,to the extend of not wanting to write

but hey,we are used to it now”since 2011″.

through the series of ups and downs ,we can still enjoy the little things which is now narrowed down to books,chocolate and cold play

while the people living in Egypt are totally playing divide and conquer and sometimes hide and seek

i would like to greet you from the bubble and tell you the good news,i am moving out😀

yaay….as in out of the planet

whatever happened to people who thought mars was a good idea

i-now-think it is i brilliant,i am officially a mars fan 

quote “Sunset and sunrise on Mars come with pink-and-red skies and a blue-tinted sun.”

unquote “this is a trick i learnt in my current job as a governmental employee-which btw is another reason i should move out”

enough with me talking like a crack head.

Ok,what is happening right now is that there is a political fight over power ; and it seems that people are not qualified enough to handle the situation or either they are strong but not supported by the majority of the people

so there is a very sophisticated conflict going around

because they played the oldest joke in the book,religious differentiation.

religion takes a huge part in the Egypt’s culture which is why people are taking sides now either pro or not pro

the thing is ,it was never about religion. people keep forgetting that it is just the CEO’s chair they are fighting over , for that reason millions are protesting “for the wrong reason” and on the other hand people reply back with “you are not part of us if you are not with us”  and voila we have a divided crowd ,vulnerable,now divided into pieces “pro,not pro,third square,felool,a7zaab,people napping or watching t.v.,…etc”

Guys,seriously you need to wake up before we become completely handicapped by our blindness and start dividing squares to mini countries and wait for the enemy to invade slowly raising their flag on our land !!

damn,this is feels so much like a game i know.

does it sound familiar to you?i hope not.

message received?